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Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser quoted in the Financial Times

25 October 2020
Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser told the Financial Times that if Joe Biden wins, the UK Government will try to re-engage America more enthusiastically in the NATO alliance and “look for ways to get America re-engaged in multilateralism, for example in support for international institutions such as the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.”
Nigel Gardner in The Times

Nigel Gardner, The Times

19 October 2020
…Behind the bluster of last week’s EU summit, as our exit talks approach their endgame, history tell us this is the moment of highest danger for Britain’s fishermen.
Philip Rycroft

Philip Rycroft on Sky News

14 October 2020
Philip Rycroft tells Sky News that a deal between the UK and the EU hangs in the balance. A deal may be more likely than no deal, but the coming weeks will be very tense.
School21 2019

‘Real world Learning’ with School21

13 October 2020
We are delighted to announce that over the next few months Flint will be running a number of career workshops with students from School21, a pioneering new school based in East London. The workshops form part of the schools ‘Real World Learning Programme’ where our experts will inform 14 -15 year old students about Flint, and their career paths up to now.