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Nigel Gardner

Nigel Gardner, The Times

4 December 2020
Our Chairman on how the EU’s quarrel over skiing augurs ill for much weightier matters.
Philip Rycroft

Philip Rycroft on BBC Radio 4

14 November 2020
Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft provides his views on why a Brexit deal – although relatively thin- is better than a no deal. He argues that with a no deal, sectors like agri-good and automotive would be hit be high tariffs, and the EU would have little incentive to put in place easements to help manage the new trade border from 1 January. He adds that such a scenario would make it harder to get deals on other aspects of the relationship like internal security. A no deal Brexit would also further destablise the Union.
Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser quoted in the New York Times

8 November 2020
Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser was quoted in the New York Times on Biden’s victory. “I’m feeling optimistic.. I’m not expecting a radical change in American foreign policy, but I do expect a change in body language and tone, and a shift away from unilateralism to collaboration with allies.”
US and UK flags blowing in the wind

What would a Biden administration mean for UK foreign policy?

27 October 2020
Ahead of the US Presidential Election on 3 November, Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser considers what a Biden victory would mean for UK foreign policy. Click below to read his blog.