In the Media

Sir Simon Fraser

Sir Simon Fraser on CNN

7 September 2020
Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser on CNN, Quest Means Business discussing Brexit.
Philip Rycroft

Philip Rycroft on BBC Newsnight

3 September 2020
Philip Rycroft on BBC Newsnight discussing the state of play on Brexit negotiations.

Tim Pitt in the Financial Times

30 August 2020
In his latest FT piece, Flint Partner Tim Pitt argues the Conservatives need to set out what they stand for economically.
_Flint Global - Thomas Matussek quote - resize website

Thomas Matussek on BBC Today Programme

25 August 2020
Flint Senior Advisor and former German Ambassador to the UK, India and the UN, Thomas Matussek discussed German-Russian relationsĀ in the BBC Today Programme earlier today.