Policy & Political Analysis

We help our clients anticipate, interpret and respond to developments in policy and politics. We advise on how they can shape the business environment and work constructively with policymakers to achieve their goals, in a context where governments are becoming more interventionist.

Our expertise in policy development and political analysis stems from decades of experience at the most senior levels of government decision-making in the UK and EU. We work on high profile European, British and EU member state regulatory and policy initiatives, transactions and competition cases, grounding our advice in persuasive, evidence-based arguments that resonate with policy-makers.

How we help our clients:

We help them understand and get ahead of emerging policy and political developments.

We gather information and interpret what is going on behind the scenes.

We identify risks and opportunities and help clients establish clear priorities.

We help them develop clear, coordinated, practical response strategies.

We advise on how to shape the external environment.

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