Geopolitics is changing fast and has become more uncertain. This has brought rising tension between the three major trading powers – the US, China, and the EU – often with a direct consequences for businesses. The Covid pandemic has exacerbated these trends and added greater urgency to policymakers’ initiatives, but has not yet led to a convergence of views on the solution, or greater international cooperation.  We see increased protectionism, unresolved trade disputes leading to spiralling retaliation, tighter restrictions on investment,  greater tensions around regulatory control,  more state intervention in economies, and a high degree of unpredictability. We work with our clients to understand these developments and how they are affected,  helping them make well-informed decisions and engage effectively with governments.


To support our clients, we provide:

  • Insight: Provide clear, expert, and timely analysis of geopolitical developments and related policy decision-making in UK and European markets, as well as expert judgement on what is going on behind the scenes
  • Advice: Identify risks and opportunities and help clients set clear objectives and establish priorities
  • Strategy: Identify key stakeholders and policy or regulatory events and develop strategies for effective engagement to influence them
  • Engagement: Develop strong, evidence-based arguments that will have impact with decision-makers to achieve clients’ goals

We would be delighted to discuss how Flint could support your business respond to Geopolitics.

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