Economic Impact of Covid

The Covid crisis has brought a dramatic short-term shift in economic policy across Europe as governments have stepped in to provide unprecedented levels of support through  loans, grants and tax breaks to businesses, as well as paying the bulk of wages for millions of people. But it is also throwing up fundamental questions about the future structure of economies and the long-term direction of policy that will play out as the response moves from crisis management towards the recovery. We provide analysis on both short- and long-term implications of the Covid crisis across economic and business policy. We advise businesses on how best to work with government towards a swift and sustainable recovery and the broader structural reforms that are to follow. 

Economic Impact of Covid

To support our clients, we provide:

  • Insight: Clear, expert analysis of evolving government responses to the economic impact of Covid across European markets, including expert judgement on what is going on behind the scenes
  • Advice: Identify risks and opportunities as governments set out their plans for the recovery, and help clients set clear objectives and priorities
  • Strategy: Identify key stakeholders and develop strategies for effective engagement
  • Engagement: Develop strong arguments that will have impact with decision-makers to achieve clients’ goals

Learn about our experts leading this work: Josh Buckland, Sarah Gannaway, Tim Pitt, Rohan Sakhrani, Jon Sell and Giles Wilkes

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