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Political Analysis

Flint’s Policy and Political Analysis practice helps businesses anticipate, interpret and respond to developments in policy and politics.

Our team has decades of experience at the most senior levels of government decision-making in the UK and EU.

Our team has decades of experience at the most senior levels of government decision-making in the UK and EU. We provide clients with authoritative analysis and understanding of political and policy developments. We work on high-profile regulatory and policy initiatives, transactions and competition cases, grounding our advice in persuasive, evidence-based arguments.

To support our clients, we:

Example areas of focus:

European policy development

We offer authoritative advice on policy, regulation and politics in the EU institutions. We support clients on high-profile European regulatory and policy initiatives, by helping them effectively develop and communicate their priorities.

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British policy development

We provide insight and expert advice on Whitehall policy and Westminster politics. We work with clients across the economy to understand the impact of developments, build their strategies, and respond externally.

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Economic impact of Covid

We analyse both the short- and long-term economic implications of the Covid crisis, advising clients on how best to work with governments towards a swift and sustainable recovery and the broader structural reforms that are to follow.

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Brexit and Trade

We help business anticipate, understand and navigate the challenges and opportunities thrown up by Brexit, whether that is through the UK-EU negotiations, UK negotiations with the rest of the world, or specific policy or regulatory changes arising as a result of the UK leaving the EU’s legal framework.

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We work with clients to interpret and anticipate a fast-moving geopolitical environment and rising international trade tensions, providing advice that helps inform commercial decision-making, risk management and engagement with governments around the world.

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