Mergers and acquisitions

We advise corporates and investors on the competition, regulatory, policy and political aspects of transactions, including:

  • competition clearance
  • national security and other public interest reviews 
  • political risk management
  • design of remedies to facilitate clearance
  • regulatory and policy due diligence pre-execution  

We have been present on the other side of the table at the most senior levels and know how and by whom decisions are made. Our team combines experts in competition policy and economics, in national security and public interest interventions and in politics and policy. This mix gives us profound insight into the key elements of a successful M&A strategy.

There is an increased willingness from governments to intervene in M&A using both formal and soft power. Compared with a few years ago, competition authorities are far more cautious about approving transactions, especially at Phase 1. M&A processes are correspondingly slower and more risky.

This environment is challenging but navigable with the right strategy. We work alongside banks, law firms and media advisers on transactions to ensure our clients fully appreciate and get ahead of the relevant policy, political, national security and regulatory considerations. In recent years Flint has been instrumental in accelerating and driving successful outcomes in numerous high-profile transactions.

We work with companies, investors and other financial institutions to maximise the prospects for transactions:

  • Competition clearance: expert advice on regulatory filings, responses to information requests and other engagement with competition authorities on antitrust matters.
  • National security and other public interest reviews: in-depth support in navigating aspects of merger control that do not relate to competition and which are often highly politicised.
  • Political risk management: strategic advice on engagement with government, opposition parties, officials and third parties to mitigate political risk.
  • Design of remedies to facilitate clearance: development of options for structural and behavioural remedies in response to competition or public interest concerns and advice on navigating the associated processes.
  • Regulatory and policy due diligence pre-execution: detailed assessment of potential competition, regulatory and policy risks and opportunities ahead of transactions.
  • Origination: ongoing horizon scanning to identify where political and regulatory developments may create transaction opportunities for our clients.

Learn about our experts leading this work: Adam Atashzai, Mark Caines, Alex Martin, Simon Maunder, Karla Perca Lopez, and Alex White.

We will be delighted to discuss how Flint could support your investments and tailor our services to meet your needs.

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