Flint Infrastructure

Flint works with a wide range of investors and businesses who have an interest in the infrastructure sector, including major global pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and private equity firms. We help them navigate the complex world of politics, policy, competition and regulation, ensuring that they can effectively manage existing assets and capitalise on new commercial opportunities.

The role of private capital in infrastructure has come under increasing scrutiny by policymakers and regulators, increasing political and regulatory risks and destabilising the investment environment. We have experience working across all major infrastructure sectors, including providing support to clients in the energy, water, transport, telecoms, and digital sectors.

Our team has held senior roles across Government and in sectoral regulators and can offer detailed and targeted advice on the areas that really matter commercially to our clients.


Flint helps investors and businesses in the UK infrastructure market to:

  • Manage existing assets: We ensure that clients are aware of the policy and regulatory risks that may impact their current portfolio, supporting them to adapt their approach to protect and enhance value.
  • Develop investment strategies: We provide advice on major policy and regulatory developments and identify areas of potential new commercial value.
  • Identify and execute transactions: We provide detailed due diligence services covering political, policy and regulatory risks and use our deep understanding of merger approvals processes to help clients execute infrastructure transactions.

Learn about our experts leading this work: Josh Buckland, Mark Caines and Alex White

We will be delighted to discuss how Flint could support your business to achieve commercial success.

You can also contact us at london@flint-global.com