Markets and Investor Advisory

We advise investors on political and regulatory risk. Our clients use us to ensure that they take full account of these issues throughout the investment cycle.

We work with investment banks, leading institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds, as well as private equity and alternative asset managers. We enable our clients to make new investment decisions with confidence, to capture the full commercial value of existing assets and to complete transactions without interference.

How we help our clients:

We provide forward-looking global macro and sectoral advice, covering political, policy and regulatory developments, so that clients can make informed investment decisions.

We advise on major transactions, ensuring that sales and acquisitions can be completed with minimal regulatory and political risk.

We conduct in-depth political and regulatory due diligence, enabling clients to give proper weight to these factors in decision-making.

We work with them to shape strategies for managing assets that are subject to significant regulatory or policy-driven intervention.

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