Navigating the economic aspects of competition law

Ensuring compliance with competition law is vital to companies operating in the UK and EU. As recent cases have shown, the financial and reputational consequences of being found in breach of competition law can be severe. They can also lead to greater regulatory scrutiny and oversight.

Our competition economists are seasoned experts who have advised on such matters in both the UK and EU. We bring extensive experience from both sides of the competition authority table to help our clients understand and navigate the complex challenges they face.

Flint works with companies and investors to help them understand the economic aspects of competition law:

  • Understanding competition law constraints: ex ante consideration of behaviours (e.g. around pricing) that might attract competition authority scrutiny.
  • Optimising commercial approach: helping identify commercial responses that are attractive strategically but also minimise the risk of compliance issues.
  • Assessing economic merits of competition cases: assessment of theoretical basis and strength of competition arguments and identification of evidence needed to support or rebut.
  • Case preparation: working alongside other advisors to prepare case materials that maximise prospects for success.

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