Formal regulatory, competition and policy submissions

Consultation and information gathering are at the heart of regulatory and competition processes. But authorities sit behind a veil of asymmetric information and are naturally cautious about the arguments made by companies and investors.

Effective regulatory submissions cut through the veil with clear, powerful arguments backed up by irrefutable evidence, so that the arguments carry real weight with decision-makers. Across our team, we have read literally thousands of regulatory submissions – from the brilliant to the atrocious. We use that experience to help our clients put compelling cases across concisely. We make sure the submissions will land persuasively and are fully aligned with our clients’ broader public communications.

Flint works with companies and investors to maximise the quality of their regulatory, competition and policy submissions:

  • Advice on structure and content of submissions: developing overall narrative, setting out key arguments and identifying evidentiary requirements.
  • Critical friend reviews: assessment of strength and effectiveness of submissions with fresh eyes and support in rapid repositioning where required
  • Full document preparation: writing complete submissions tailored to the right audience and that will carry real weight with decision-makers
  • Alignment of submissions with wider corporate positioning and objectives: reviewing regulatory submissions against overall corporate stance and adjusting both as needed to minimise risk of inconsistency.

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