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Flint’s Competition and Regulation practice works with companies and investors to help them understand and engage effectively with competition and regulatory agencies.

Our team of experts has extensive experience at the most senior levels within regulatory and competition authorities in the UK and across the EU.

Our competition and regulatory experts have extensive experience at the most senior levels within authorities in the UK and EU. We combine deep technical knowledge with a strong understanding of both economics and the political context. We share our deep understanding of the way in which regulatory and competition agencies make decisions to help our clients engage effectively and secure positive business outcomes.

We work with our clients to:

We offer:

Mergers and acquisitions

We work at the heart of major transactions, developing and evidencing economic arguments, advising on detailed aspects of merger control processes, how to manage the risks of political interventions and the design of remedies. We work seamlessly alongside legal, financial and other advisors to give every transaction the best possible chance of speedy clearance.

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Regulatory Strategy

We bring our unrivalled experience at the most senior levels in regulatory agencies to help our clients develop and implement effective regulatory strategies that support wider corporate objectives.

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Economic advice and evidence building

Our team of expert economists designs and develops robust economic arguments for our clients to support regulatory decision-making in all the major regulated sectors in both the UK and the EU

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Formal regulatory, competition and policy submissions

We help our clients put compelling cases across concisely. We make sure that submissions land persuasively and are fully aligned with our clients’ broader public communications.

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Navigating the economic aspects of competition law

Our competition economists are seasoned experts who have advised extensively on competition matters in both the UK and EU. We bring deep experience from both sides of the competition authority table to help our clients understand and navigate the complex challenges they face.

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