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EU’s winter energy plans: European unity tested

Key Points: Europe is facing the worst energy crisis in its history, affecting the entire European economy and beyond. According to the latest predictions, if Russia completely cuts off gas supplies in the coming months, the EU's GDP could shrink by 1.5%. These economic disruptions could have far-reaching political consequences for EU Member States, both […]
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29 Jul, 2022

The Global Food "Apocalypse" – and how to avoid it 

Food is getting more expensive and less available – Covid-19, Brexit, the invasion of Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis is affecting the global food supply chain at every level. There are actions that both companies and the government need to take to mitigate risks where possible.   A global food crisis  You are probably not familiar […]
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14 Jun, 2022

Flint Opinions: What the Ukraine crisis means for business 

We asked some of Flint’s experts for their take on the wider and longer-term impacts of the Ukraine crisis.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had an immediate impact on energy prices and security, spurring Western countries to cut or reduce their reliance on Russian gas. This has long-term implications for the energy sector. Nations are scrambling […]
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25 Mar, 2022

Ukraine: the long-term impact on investment

The impact of sanctions has hit Russia harder than many expected and has left investors nursing a combination of heavy losses and long-term uncertainty. Sanctions are the prime cause, but it is the actions of Russia to defend the rouble and prop up their financial system that will create lasting damage.  In equities, market closure […]
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16 Mar, 2022
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