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What next for Scotland in the UK?

Prime Minister Liz Truss has taken a tough line on Scotland in the leadership campaign, and  will continue to resist the demands of the Scottish Government for a referendum in 2023.  The Scottish Government’s only other feasible option for a 2023 plebiscite – an advisory referendum – could be removed as soon as next month […]
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13 Sep, 2022

Beyond the Northern Ireland Assembly elections

The Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein emerged as the largest party, while the DUP came second on their anti-Protocol platform. However, there is no majority for either Irish unification nor for scrapping the Northern Irish Protocol. Following confirmation of their position as the largest party after the Northern Irish elections last week, Sinn Fein have […]
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10 May, 2022

State of the Union – a divided future?

The United Kingdom may be approaching a pivotal moment as the government faces increasing pressure to set out plans for regional devolution and answer the case for Scottish independence.  A majority pro-independence Scottish government elected in May, led by the SNP, will intensify pressure for a second independence referendum, reflecting increasing momentum that could prevail […]
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23 Apr, 2021

2021 – a new abnormal?

If 2020 was bad, the start Q1 of 2021 looked worse. Covid-19 is severely affecting every aspect of life, and we are seeing early evidence of post-Brexit disruption. By the spring things may look better: we have a Brexit deal, and vaccines offer hope. But the economic and social damage from Covid-19 will be lasting and the Chancellor faces tough choices about the shape of […]
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26 Jan, 2021
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