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Taxing times – preparing for a post-election tax reckoning

Taxing times – preparing for a post-election reckoning The Chancellor’s Spring Budget was characterised by a search for personal tax cuts to sway voters ahead of this year’s election. But in taking another 2p off the rate of National Insurance paid by employees (on top of the 2p cut announced in November), and leaving only […]
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14 Mar, 2024

Stuck in the middle? Finding the UK’s role in the global innovation race 

The UK must find its global niche in emerging technology industries, as reduced domestic political volatility coincides with an increase in geopolitical tensions. As Labour prepares its policies in this area, the March Budget and the rest of the year will see the UK Government making major decisions with impacts on innovation, R&D and the […]
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10 Mar, 2023

Time to pay? Fundamental reforms to global tax rules

The story so far On 31 October, G20 leaders publicly backed reforms that will profoundly change the way multinational corporations are taxed. The reforms will effectively bring an end to a century-long consensus that companies should be taxed where they are based and instead see (some) taxing rights handed to authorities in countries where sales […]
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08 Nov, 2021
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