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Green finance in 2023: Getting into gear, albeit at a lower speed 

The slightly dampened momentum we saw on green finance over the course of 2022 is unlikely to shift materially this year as governments continue to grapple with economic and inflationary pressures. The stronger focus on energy security opposed to climate action is leading to a gradual loosening of sustainability requirements. This is challenging for businesses […]
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31 Jan, 2023

Electric vehicles & the UK policy outlook: new risks for a new world

Key points  Strong demand comes with a price  The Autumn Statement contained unwelcome news for the electric vehicle industry. From 2025 – for the first time – EVs will be subject to standard Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and the ‘expensive car supplement’ (for vehicles with a list price of over £40,000). Company car tax rates […]
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07 Dec, 2022

COP27 – Where next for the planet? 

Following a relatively chaotic two weeks, the COP27 summit in Egypt concluded with the Sharm El Sheikh Implementation Plan agreed on the 19th of November. There were some major breakthroughs – such as a new funding mechanism to help countries deal with the impacts of climate change. But there was little tangible progress in accelerating […]
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29 Nov, 2022

How sustainable is the sustainability agenda? 

The new political priorities of the Truss administration – driving economic growth and boosting energy security – are already leading to significant changes on UK sustainability policy. These new priorities will create opportunities for the sustainability agenda – for example, by accelerating the delivery of renewables as a means of expanding domestic capacity. However, they […]
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20 Sep, 2022
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