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The new workforce and health rationales for a bigger Occupational Health sector 

Occupational Health (OH) policy isn’t a topic you traditionally hear politicians discuss. Jointly overseen by the health and welfare departments, it can often struggle to gain traction against more headline-grabbing health and welfare system reforms. This too is reflected in low levels of awareness for OH among politicians, the public, and much of the business […]
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22 Aug, 2023

A step towards a Health Union or a blow to the EU’s competitiveness: stakeholder reactions to the Pharmaceutical Package

On 26 April, after months of delay, the European Commission published its long-awaited proposed reform of the pharmaceutical legislation. The largest overhaul of the EU’s health legislation in over 20 years, the “Pharma Package” focuses on supporting both drug availability and affordability and investment in health innovation by making pharmaceutical incentives more conditional. Heated debates […]
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05 May, 2023

Challenge & opportunity – investor and business outlook for the UK health and care sector  

Key points What challenges are facing health and care?   The challenges facing the new Health Secretary heading into winter are not new: the Covid backlog; strain on emergency, primary and social care; and workforce pressures. However, the wider backdrop has worsened, with strike action by nurses and paramedics planned, and inflationary pressures squeezing existing spending […]
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14 Dec, 2022
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