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Flint Opinions: The challenges for UK business in 2022

2022 is already bringing new challenges for the UK– acute political and economic uncertainty at home and abroad, turbulence in government, inflation and tax rises, Covid and its aftermath, disrupted supply chains and new regulatory frameworks.   We asked Flint’s Specialist … Continue reading
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08 Feb, 2022

Levelling up or treading water?

At long last, business confidence is roaring back. In survey after survey, and as more firms report strengthening results, the UK economy is accelerating quickly after one of the worst years in living memory. Many economists believe that a short-term … Continue reading
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27 May, 2021

2021 – a new abnormal?

If 2020 was bad, the start Q1 of 2021 looked worse. Covid-19 is severely affecting every aspect of life, and we are seeing early evidence of post-Brexit disruption. By the spring things may look better: we have a Brexit deal, and vaccines offer hope. But the economic and social … Continue reading
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26 Jan, 2021
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