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Online Safety Act: Outside of ‘big tech’ who should be worrying about its implementation?

Ofcom and DSIT are currently engaged in a back-and-forth exchange about categorising which companies will be caught by the additional duties of the Online Safety Act. Naturally there has been a lot of focus on the biggest and most well-known social media platforms operating in the UK. But alongside this, real regulatory concern is emerging […]
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07 May, 2024

Insights from the first year of the UK’s new subsidy control regime 

Overview The UK’s new post-Brexit subsidy control regime sits against a backdrop of governments across developed economies pursuing more active industrial policy. The UK’s trade partners, most notably the EU, are watching its subsidy regime and decisions closely.   There is significant domestic scrutiny too. Those responsible for scrutinising public spending, such as the National Audit […]
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17 Apr, 2024

In pursuit of a more growth-friendly regulatory landscape 

Supporting economic growth  Economic growth has been in short supply in the UK for many years now. And the fiscal space for governments to boost growth has become ever more constrained, with significant risks around the medium-term fiscal outlook. That’s thanks both to the legacy of this century’s financial, Covid and energy crises, and to […]
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30 Nov, 2023

Common Problems with Regulation in Competitive Markets

I joined the distinguished line-up at the Regulatory Policy Institute’s summer conference on Diagnosing Regulatory Pathologies. Other speakers discussed problems with monopoly infrastructure regulation. I focussed on what goes wrong in regulation of competitive markets… Competitive markets are great at discovering what customers want and getting it to them. Market forces discover not only the […]
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20 May, 2022

Funding 5G: incentives matter

Recent discussions in Europe about how to meet 5G targets have focused on whether Tech players should contribute to network investment, with some suggestion this could present an alternative to consolidation in the sector. But incentives for investment are not just a question of revenues. Where there are synergies in network deployment, allowing mobile mergers […]
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13 May, 2022
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