Simon Fraser quoted in The New York Times

Sir Simon Fraser

Flint Managing Partner, Sir Simon Fraser quoted in the New York Times about the Jersey fishing rights dispute. “This is the kind of old-fashioned dispute that the European Union was created to prevent…When you leave the European Union, you risk reopening them.”

Simon Fraser on Sky News

Sir Simon Fraser

Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser talked to Sky News on the Jersey fishing rights dispute: “I thought the temperature of discussions on post Brexit disagreements was getting better and difficulties were being addressed. This shows that there are still many unresolved issues, particularly in fisheries. For fishing communities Brexit is lose, lose on both sides. It is the […]

Will the UK’s Integrated Review of foreign policy really make a difference?

UK’s Integrated Review of foreign policy

The Integrated Review was billed as a radical overhaul of British foreign and security policy after Brexit. There are some important innovations, but much of it is sensible repackaging or reprioritisation of current policy in response to the acceleration of existing trends. Some hyperbole was inevitable; Britain is to be a “science superpower”, a “soft […]

Simon Fraser on TRT World Roundtable

Sir Simon Fraser

Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser talked to Shiulie Ghosh on TRT World Roundtable yesterday about the UK Integrated Review of foreign policy.  “This review is a credible attempt at starting to define Global Britain. There is a lot of interesting thinking in it. The idea of integrating domestic and international policy, and bringing science and technology closer […]

Climate in 2021: tidal wave or tide turning?

With the landmark climate summit COP26 happening in November, climate action at a domestic and international level is set to accelerate materially in 2021. Government is developing a series of major changes to the financial, policy and regulatory environment to drive down emissions across the entire economy and show global climate leadership.