We are experts in European policy, regulation and politics. We help businesses and investors succeed in an increasingly complex world, managing risk and creating opportunity.

We provide advice at the point where government and business meet, offering an authoritative perspective on both.

Our European Coverage


Our European Leadership Team

Members of our multi-national team have experience of working at the most senior levels in European governments, the EU Commission, regulatory agencies, competition bodies and the private sector.

Fiona advises clients on EU political, policy, regulatory issues, including financial services, ESG, and climate policy.
Partner & M.D. Europe
Gregor advises clients on EU regulatory strategy and strategic communications.
Chris advises clients on competition and regulatory issues and dealing with governments.
Specialist Partner
Stephen advises clients on anti-trust, regulatory, policy developments and competition matters.
Senior Adviser
Bruno advises clients in the tech, life sciences and financial services sectors on EU political issues and policy.

How we help our clients


We provide insight and foresight on EU regulation and legislation so that our clients can stay ahead of business-critical developments.


We identify business critical issues at EU level and help clients to understand and develop strategy in relation to them.

Preparation & Validation

We prepare and validate evidence-based narratives, generating strategies and strategic communications plans that are closely tied to commercial objectives and reflect a deep understanding of political reality.


We offer organisational advice designed to optimise our clients’ representation and policy engagement in Europe, including help to recruit the best people for senior corporate EU positions.