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We are experts in politics, policy-making and regulation in the UK and the EU. We use our combined insight and experience to help businesses understand the negotiation process and the wider political context. We help our clients make detailed plans to manage the potential consequences for them.

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created new uncertainties, risks and opportunities for companies operating in Europe. The negotiations are complex, with a wide range of possible outcomes. We are closely plugged in to developments in the UK and EU and use our insights to help companies ensure that policy-makers understand the implications of Brexit for industry, and the risks and opportunities ahead.

Sir Simon Fraser
Managing Partner

Brexit team

Sir Simon Fraser Managing Partner London, UK
Sir Simon Fraser Managing Partner

Sir Simon Fraser is a founder and Managing Partner of Flint. He supports clients managing complex European and international policy issues. Simon leads our teams helping clients respond to the challenges of Brexit. He is a respected policy commentator and adviser of senior corporate leaders.

From 2010 to 2015 Simon was the Head of the UK Foreign Office and Diplomatic Service. He has also led the UK Department for Business. Prior to that he was Chief of Staff to the European Trade Commissioner in Brussels, and Director General for European Policy at the Foreign Office. Simon is Deputy Chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and is a Visiting Professor at King’s College London.

Gregor Kreuzhuber Partner & M.D. Europe Brussels, Belgium
Gregor Kreuzhuber Partner & M.D. Europe

Based in Brussels, Gregor oversees Flint’s European network. He provides strategic regulatory and organisational advice to companies in sectors including energy, tech, financial services and manufacturing.

As a senior adviser and media spokesman for two European Commissioners, Gregor dealt with major regulatory initiatives and challenges for industry, trade negotiations and agriculture policy reform. After leaving the Commission, Gregor ran a leading Brussels policy consultancy.

Susana Braz Partner London, UK
Susana Braz Partner

Susana joined Flint in December 2017. She advises clients on Brexit, EU and UK politics and policy, focusing particularly on the digital and manufacturing sectors.

Before joining Flint, she was head of policy and public affairs for several multinationals in the technology and energy sectors, with a focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. Susana has spent over 15 years advising international businesses on policy developments and their interaction with governments, in Brussels, London and Beijing.

Thomas Matussek Senior Adviser Berlin, Germany
Thomas Matussek Senior Adviser

Thomas joined Flint in May 2016 as our representative in Berlin. He advises companies in sectors ranging from tech and media to manufacturing on German political, legislative and regulatory developments.

Previously Thomas was a senior diplomat, serving as German Ambassador to the UK, the UN and India. He also headed Deutsche Bank’s public policy representation in Berlin, and was the Managing Director of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, the International Forum of Deutsche Bank.

Lidia Kozlowska Senior Adviser Warsaw, Poland
Lidia Kozlowska Senior Adviser

Lidia joined Flint in June 2017. She provides expertise on Poland and Central European business, policy and regulatory issues with special emphasis ontelecoms, media, tech, energy and the automotive sectors. She is based in Warsaw and London.

Previously Lidia was Deputy President of the Polish regulatory authority for telecommunications and postal markets and Vice Chair of the Body of the European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). She has also held senior management positions in the private sector in Poland and internationally.

Claus Grube Senior Adviser Copenhagen, Denmark
Claus Grube Senior Adviser

Claus joined Flint as Senior Adviser in September 2017 as our business link to the Nordic-Baltic region, based in Copenhagen. He advises clients in the tech, transport, financial services and life sciences sectors on European policy and political issues.

Claus has previously held very senior foreign affairs roles in the Danish government, including Under-Secretary for European Affairs, Permanent Representative to the EU, Permanent-Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to the UK. He has a background in business and law.

Bruno Maçães Senior Adviser Brussels, Belgium
Bruno Maçães Senior Adviser

Bruno started at Flint in January 2017. He is based in Brussels and supports clients, notably in the tech, life sciences and financial services sectors on EU politics and policy, Brexit and EU–China relations.

Before joining Flint, Bruno was Europe Minister in Portugal and a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Europe) in Brussels. His recent book on Europe, Russia and China in the new world order received widespread critical acclaim. He is a non-resident fellow at Renmin University in Beijing and the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC.

Matthew Hanney Partner London, UK
Matthew Hanney Partner

Matthew leads Flint’s work advising clients on political and regulatory risk across sectors including tech, the sharing economy and life sciences, with a particular focus on the impact of Brexit.

Before joining Flint, Matthew was a Special Adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in the coalition government, covering policy areas including the Home Office, European relations and constitutional affairs. He has also written for The Economist on European politics.

Alex White Partner London, UK
Alex White Partner

Alex leads Flint's Politics and Markets practice.

He was formerly the Chief Political Analyst at JP Morgan, and a senior adviser to the firm’s operating committee. Alex also ran the global research practice at the Economist Intelligence Unit, after a career in private equity and government.

Alex Canfor-Dumas Associate Director London, UK
Alex Canfor-Dumas Associate Director

Alex joined Flint in October 2017, supporting clients in policy engagement and strategy across a number of sectors including life sciences and financial services.

Before joining Flint, Alex worked in the Office of The Prime Minister in Uganda, as a strategist at Guardian News & Media, as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company and as an aide to Gordon Brown, the former British Prime Minister.

Kiran Horwich Manager London, UK
Kiran Horwich Manager

Kiran joined Flint in November 2015. She is part of the core team that provides Brexit analysis and advice for clients. She also supports clients dealing with challenges in policy, regulation and organisational change in the UK and EU in the financial services, life sciences and manufacturing sectors.

Previously Kiran worked in the UK Parliament, with European parliamentarians and has consulted for energy company Hess and Barclays' investment team in New York.

Lorenzo Torti Manager Brussels, Belgium
Lorenzo Torti Manager

Lorenzo joined Flint as a consultant in January 2016. Now a Manager, he advises clients in Brussels on energy, digital and tax issues as well as on EU politics and the EU institutions.

Lorenzo has more than five years of EU public affairs experience. He is Italian and has previously worked in the Italian public administration, EU institutions, NGOs and in a company specialising in EU policy monitoring and analysis in Brussels.

Sarah Latham Consultant London, UK
Sarah Latham Consultant

Sarah started at Flint in November 2017. She supports clients by providing policy and political analysis across a range of sectors.

Before joining Flint, Sarah worked for a UK political Party managing a policy influencing membership group within the Party. Sarah has also worked for a large international development NGO where she researched and influenced change on energy and tax policies, and has undertaken a placement in the Government Affairs team of a large multinational manufacturing company to support their work around the UK’s Industrial Strategy proposals and Brexit negotiations.

Abigail Flynn Consultant/researcher London, UK
Abigail Flynn Consultant/researcher

Abi joined Flint as a personal assistant to the Managing Partners in May 2016. She is now a Consultant/Researcher, supporting clients in the financial services, life sciences, and automotive sectors.

Before joining Flint, Abi worked for an NGO in The Hague, the US Embassy in Yerevan, and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Adriana Capparelli Consultant London, UK
Adriana Capparelli Consultant

Adriana joined Flint in January 2017 and supports clients in the digital, telecommunication, audio-visual and energy sectors. She advises companies on regulatory risk and policy positioning.

Before joining Flint, she worked for companies organising policy events on digital, infrastructure and planning in London, the Confederation of Italian Industries and the public affairs office of one of the leading telecommunication companies in Brussels.